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Kick it cell phone stand  is the ultimate hands free solution for your home, car and office.  In the Kick it kit you get a cell phone stand, Grip Pad and Mirror Sticker. Kick it allows you to use your phone hands free while you video chat, watch movies or read books. Kick it phone stand uses a grip gel that attaches and detaches to any device unlimited times and leaves no sticky residue. Interchangeable between all your devices. Its the ultimate universal phone stand and tablet stand in one. Unlike other phone stands, it’s not a big bulky device that needs to be taken off your phone to slip into your pocket.  Kick it’s sleek stealthy design virtually becomes one with your phone. The Bonus Grip Pad or Anti Slip Mat is the perfect car phone mount. Hands Free GPS, speakerphone and charging in your car. Passengers can enjoy entertainment on a long car ride in the front or back seat. The custom extra large grip pad will stick to virtually any surface. Included in the kit you get a mirror sticker that can be placed on the inside of the leg and used for checking your hair, make up or teeth on the go. You also get a back protector for your phone stand when not in use. This keeps your grip pad clean and maintains its adhesiveness or suction. You can purchase the whole kit or get just the kick it itself. We recommend getting the kit because of all the great extras.  You’ll wonder what you did before you had a Kick it. Only 19.95 Buy Now!  We ship anywhere in the world!

Best Phone Stand & Car Phone Mount by: Kick it

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